A downloadable Environment for Windows

Space: 1999 is a classic science-fiction television show produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in the mid 1970s. From the expansive Moonbase Alpha to the iconic Eagle Transporter, the design philosophy captured my imagination as a child and left me with feelings of nostalgia that linger to this day.

Space: 1999 VR is a fan made homage featuring environments and interactive set pieces from the TV show. The project is very much a work in progress with a great amount of modeling and texturing still needing to be done. There is no timeline but I plan on adding new features as time permits.

Virtual Reality Support:
SteamVR compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Install instructions

- Download and then use 7-Zip to Unzip the  “Space_1999_VR.7z” archive
- Start SteamVR along with your VR headset & controllers
- Run “Space_1999_VR.exe”

+ Touchpad button teleports you all over the scene
+ Menu button turns a floating menu ON or OFF
+ Trigger button interacts with menu items
+ Grip button interacts with game objects

From the floating menu you can:
* Access five different scenes featuring Main Mission and the Eagle Transporter
* Show/Hide perspective matched screenshots from the TV show
* Set the globe type to either Earth or Moon
* Turn the engine Exhaust/Coolant ON or OFF
* Change the Utility Pod on the model Eagle to Crew, Rescue, VIP, or None
* Set the strength of gravity to Sun, Jupiter, Earth, moon, or None

Whilst exploring you can:
* Spin the Earth/Moon globe
* Pick up the model Eagle and small cargo containers
* Throw objects to see the effect of different gravitational fields


Space_1999_VR_Update_07.7z 495 MB

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